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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Tips for Packing Computers and IT Equipment

Taking the time to pack your digital equipment and other electronics carefully will help ensure that they survive your office move intact. Use boxes that are specially designed for electronics, and never stint on bubble wrap. The Safest Ways to Pack and Transport Computer Equipment If your company is like most small- to medium-sized businesses

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Preparations That You Need to Take When You Plan to Move Your Business

There are several preparations that you will need to make with your office equipment and supplies before you have commercial movers come in to pack, load, transport and unload your items into a temporary or long-term storage center. How to Move and Store Office Equipment and Supplies Safely When you are moving your business from

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The Right Way to Pack Your Books Before Putting Them Into Storage

Many people own a few dozen or even more books that need to be packed and stored during a move. Packing your books the right way helps to protect them from getting warped or bent and reduces the risk of insect and moisture damage. Three Ways to Protect Your Books in Storage Many people own

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