Taking the time to pack your digital equipment and other electronics carefully will help ensure that they survive your office move intact. Use boxes that are specially designed for electronics, and never stint on bubble wrap.

The Safest Ways to Pack and Transport Computer Equipment

If your company is like most small- to medium-sized businesses in Las Vegas, you’ve invested a considerable amount of money in computers and IT equipment. Many people already sell there IT equipment so when moving you want your equipment to be handled with the utmost care. The data collection firm AMR Research estimates that on average, small- to medium-sized businesses spend 6.4 percent of their annual revenue on these types of expenses. When it comes time for office moving in Las Vegas, you’ve protected your investment. Here are some tips.

Packing Electronic Devices

The best way to protect your electronics in transit is to reuse the packaging that your computers, printers, fax machines and other equipment originally came in. The company that sold you the equipment probably invested a great deal of money in packaging engineering to ensure their products remained undamaged throughout all parts of the distribution process. If you didn’t keep this packaging, then use boxes that are specially engineered to protect electronics even down to the most intricate products like a flexible pcb for instance. These boxes, which you should be able to obtain from your moving company, typically have double walls and use thicker cardboard than ordinary moving boxes. The manual that came with your equipment may have special packing and moving instructions, too.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap does a terrific job cushioning computers, IT equipment and other electronics against the bangs and bumps they’re likely to sustain when they’re being transported. Anti-static bubble wrap is optimal for this task even it costs a little more because it will protect your equipment against the potentially harmful effects of static electricity. You can recognize anti-static bubble wrap and bags by their pink color.

Plastic Bags

Place all cables and wiring that plugged in or connected to your computer and IT equipment in plastic bags, and make sure to label the contents of these bags explicitly. Few things are more frustrating when you’re setting up a new office than trying to sort through a pile of unlabeled computer accessories when you don’t remember how they originally attached.