As you gear up for a Las Vegas move, think about what you are going to take with you to the new home, what will go in storage, and what will get thrown out.

What Is Your Moving Style and Why Does It Matter?

Is your moving style a collector or minimalist? This is the question that many homeowners have to ask themselves as they are getting ready for a Las Vegas move. If you are a hoarder, moving can be an extremely difficult task, especially in you are downsizing to a smaller unit. A minimalist may not have a difficult time moving the few items that they own, but they face similar challenges if they move to a bigger home.

Planning Your Las Vegas Move

Knowing your style will help you plan your move. If you have a lot of items that you know you will not be getting rid of, you will need to plan on giving the project a lot of time. If you are open to moving some things into storage, it may take an extra trip or two with the moving truck. If you need to buy some furniture, you may need to include a trip to the furniture store while you have the truck.

Your Moving Style Determines the Move

It is evident that each moving style causes some unique challenges. The middle-of-the-road mover that takes some items and puts others in storage may have the easiest time. They will be able to take all of the things that they need in the moment without having to go and buy anything new. In fact, all they may need to do is find storage in Las Vegas.

Getting Organized After the Move

Once you have completed your move, you will want to start cleaning and figure out a way to keep your new home tidy. If you are a collector, perhaps you can make a rule for yourself that for each new piece you add to the home you will donate one item to charity.