How can you ensure that your precious childhood possessions remain safe during a move? Here are some of the most effective things you can do to ensure they stay intact.

Keeping Childhood Mementos Safe During a Move

One of the best things about preparing all your things to be moved is stopping and going through your childhood mementos. It’s safe to say that during this time, you’re going to begin to think about how sad you would be to lose these items during the move. So, what better way to help you avoid this than by listing some of the best tips and tricks to protecting your childhood memory items during your big move.

Separate Your Childhood Mementos Into Categories

The best way to ensure that your belongings are not lost in transit or thrown away by your movers is to separate them into different categories. This may include childhood school papers such as awards and pre-school diplomas, toys, and photographs, to name a few. Doing this will allow you and the company you use for help with commercial moving in Las Vegas to understand what boxes are important and which are not.

Pack Fragile Items Tightly

Most mementos can be easily packed with a layer of bubble wrap to protect them. However, you will have extremely fragile items that you need to keep a close eye on. For example, anything glass or that is simply fragile at this point should be packed into a fitted box. This will allow your items to survive the bumpy streets inside the moving truck. Note that you should also add some layer of cushion on the bottom and top of each box to ensure extra care.

Important Clothing

Although not many keep their childhood clothing, certain pieces will be left in the family for years to come. Some of these may include your first day of school outfit or baptismal gown, to name a few. It is incredibly important not to pack these up like the rest of your clothing as they can quickly gather dust and creases along the way. The best possible way to move these types of clothing items is by placing them on a flat-down box. This will no doubt protect them from being damaged by heat, water, or dust that may land from your other items.