Packing for your first night in your new place can help save you time and energy. By finding your easily identifiable box with all your essentials for that night and the next morning, make it easier to focus on the other items that need to be cared for when first moving into a new place.

What to Pack in an Essentials Box for Your Move

Moving is often a stressful time. When you do arrive at your new destination, your move is not over. It’s best to make it as easy as possible for you, especially on the first night. This can be done with relative ease by planning and packing an essentials box.

What Goes Into the Essentials Box?

An essentials box should have all the materials that you need for about 24 hours. These include items like, clothes, toiletries, a coffee pot, simple foods, simple cookware and utensils, basic tools, essential medicines, pet essentials and food, cleaning supplies, and a first aid kit. In addition to the listed items, any important and necessary documents should be kept close to you during the move.


With the box appropriately labeled, this should be easy to find and easy to open and have what is needed at your fingertips. Using this method is a keen way to not have to open too many boxes or have to find scattered boxes in order to get what you need for the first night. Knowing that there is an easy box full of items that you need also makes it easier to relax as the day is winding down.

Making a Move?

Don’t forget your box of essentials, including toiletries for when you arrive and a coffee pot and coffee for the next morning. Moving companies in Las Vegas can handle the big stuff, and you can make your moving life a little easier by planning and packing your box of essentials for your move.