How to Properly Fold Things When Packing for a Move

When you’re getting ready to locate, you may choose to hire moving companies in Las Vegas to load, transport and unload your belongings. While full-service movers will do all of the packing for you, it is possible that you may want to do at least some of the packing yourself. These tips will help you properly fold different types of fabric items when packing for your move.

Only Fold Clean Clothes

Avoid packing any clothing or linens that have not been laundered. The heat of the moving truck could set the stains. Take the time to wash and dry the laundry before packing. Dry cleaning is an option for bigger items or fabrics that cannot be laundered in a regular washing machine. Fold the items while they are still warm. Fabric starts to wrinkle as it cools.

Use a Folding Tool

Gather up like items, such as all of your tee shirts or all of your toddler’s pants. Use a folding tool to line up the clothing items and make precise folds. A folding tool is a piece of plastic that functions as a guide for making the folds and creases. Using one of these tools ensures that all of the clothing items are folded in the same way and same direction. This improves stacking.

Pick Your Battles

Some of the ways you are used to using for your clothes may not be the best. When packing folded clothes, put them into the box vertically instead of horizontally. Alternate shirt collars when arranging folded shirts in a box or drawer. Instead of balling socks inside of each other, stack and fold them like towels. If an item resists folding, just stuff it into the box. Hooded sweatshirts and winter hats are good examples of this.