How to Safely Store Tech Devices on a Short-term Basis

Modern businesses tend to have a lot of technology. Your company might have servers, workstations, mobile devices for scanning, tablets, chargers, cables, monitors and adapters. When your business is moving, chances are good that you will need to use short-term or long-term commercial storage in Las Vegas. Use these tips to safely pack and store your tech devices for a short-term stay in a commercial storage unit.


Pare Down to the Essentials

Technology changes quickly. If your business stays on top of the new product releases and tech trends, chances are good that you have built up quite a collection of equipment, data storage and devices that you no longer use or need. Some of it may not even work or may not be compatible with what you use today. Eliminate what you do not need, and take it to an electronics recycling center.


Prep the Equipment

Before your technology is taken to the commercial storage center, it needs to be prepped. Remove any ink or toner cartridges from printers, copy and fax machines. These items can leak or change in consistency while in storage. Wrap the ink or toner in their original containers and put them in separate storage bins. Properly protect and wrap devices that are used to store data. They should be kept away from anything magnetic.


Choose the Right Containers and Environment

Select containers that can form a tight seal around your equipment. If you no longer have the original boxes for the items that you need to store, plastic bins with locking lids may be a good choice. Make sure that the bins can handle the weight of the equipment. Before packing items, make sure they are cool. Choose a climate-controlled commercial storage center.