The Top Three Long-term Storage Tips for Storing Your Clothing

Whether you are downsizing, relocating for a while, selling your home in order to travel in an RV or renovating your house, you may need to put some items into long-term storage. Before you take all of your boxes to a center for storage in Las Vegas, it is important to properly prepare and protect them. Clothing may seem durable, but the fibers can be damaged in extreme temperatures or from poor packing. Use these top three long-term storage tips for your clothing.

Wash Clothes Before Storing

Wash all clothes before packing them to go into a long-term storage unit. Even if you are just storing the clothes for a month or two, they should be washed first. Sweat, oil and other stains will set into the fabric if they are exposed to heat. Skin, sweat and stains also attract vermin to the fabric. Consider going to the laundromat and washing all of your clothing and linens that you need to put into storage. You can get it done faster this way.

Decide to Vacuum Seal

Vacuum sealing bags compress your clothing. They are a good solution for seasonal storage. However, natural fibers need to breathe. The fibers of cotton, wool, silk and bamboo may become damaged if they are vacuum sealed for more than three months. Synthetic fibers may be better-suited to long-term storage in vacuum sealed bags.

Choose the Right Container

Regular cardboard boxes will not protect your clothes from vermin while in storage. Some plastic containers may off-gas chemicals that damage your clothes or leave them smelling bad. If you use plastic containers, line them with bed sheets that you would not mind throwing away. Acid-free boxes are wise for heirloom clothing.