How to Successfully Manage an Urgent Business Move

When you lease retail or office space in a building, it is possible that the landlord will give you just a short amount of notice to relocate. You may feel overwhelmed with a lot of things to do while continuing to operate your company. These tips and the help of experienced office movers in Las Vegas will make this urgent transition as seamless as possible.

Find a New Location

Your first task will be to find a new location for your business. If your landlord has other commercial buildings, ask if there is any space available in them that will suit your needs. If you have been a good tenant, the landlord may give you priority and a discount if it was their decision to end your current lease. Inform your customers and vendors of the date and location of your upcoming move. This ensures seamless operation of your business.

Arrange for Office Movers

Experienced office movers may have weekends booked in advance. As soon as you are given notice by your landlord that you have to vacate your current location, reserve a time for movers to help you relocate. Consider asking your landlord to pitch in for the moving expenses, especially if it was the landlord who terminated the lease against your wishes. Moving expenses may also be tax deductible when you file your quarterly or annual tax returns with the IRS.

Decide What to Move

If it has been several years since you moved into your current place, chances are you have some things sitting around that you will not need to take to your new place. Consider selling these items or donating them for a deduction on your income taxes. Obsolete technology, excess office furniture or unneeded inventory are things that you could donate.