Tips for Using Storage During a Senior’s Downsizing Move

Many senior citizens come to a point where they can no longer safely live in their homes on their own. Others choose to transition to an apartment or senior living center because maintaining a home becomes too much work or is too expensive. These tips will help you maximize the use of storage in Las Vegas when helping your elderly family member downsize.

Decide What the Senior Really Needs

When your family member sells the family home in order to move into an apartment or senior living community, there will be things that they no longer need. Unless a family member plans to take these items within a month or two, these items could be sold or donated. Some items that can probably be gotten rid of include gardening supplies, lawn care equipment and tools. If family members want them, set a deadline for when they will be moved out of the storage unit.

Seasonal Items

Your loved one may want to use some things, but they might not have room in their apartment for them year-round. These are good items to put into storage. For example, your loved one may want to put their artificial Christmas tree and ornaments in storage for most of the year. They may want to put their winter clothes into storage for the summertime.

Sentimental and Family Heirlooms

Your family member may have a lot of sentimental items or heirlooms that will not fit into their smaller living space. If your loved one has a collection, the new living arrangements might only permit a small amount to be displayed. The rest could go into storage, and the displayed items could be rotated on a monthly or quarterly basis.