Tips for Helping a Senior Downsize Belongings for a Move

Over many years of life, people who are in their senior years often accumulate a lot of belongings. From furniture to bric-a-brac, those items end up taking a lot of space. When it comes time to move into an apartment or senior living center, it is wise to pare down those belongings in advance of hiring a Las Vegas moving company to transport the furniture and items that the senior citizen will need to use in their new place on a regular basis.

Get a Floor Plan

The first step to downsizing before a senior moves into an apartment is to get a floor plan of the new space. This will show the size and square footage of each room. These blueprints can be used in order to determine which pieces of furniture will fit into the new space. Many seniors have a sentimental attachment to furniture, so they will need to choose carefully and base the decision on what will fit.

Lifestyle Change

Selling a family home and moving to a senior center is a big lifestyle change. Owning a home usually means owning gardening equipment, tools, painting supplies and other home maintenance items. Living in a senior apartment means not having to do lawn care or maintenance. Any items like these will no longer be necessary and could be sold or donated before the move.

Family Heirlooms

Some seniors want certain family members to keep special items in the family. It may bring the senior joy to give those items away to family members as a part of their moving process. Instead of waiting for the items to be distributed after death, the senior pass those items along before they die.