Why Property Owners Should Rent a Commercial Storage Facility

Nevada state law has a number of laws in place that protect tenants from overzealous landlords, but when a renter abruptly moves and leaves behind things, you need to find a way to store those items. Commercial storage facilities offer space and units for rent that you can use for those objects and your own things too. Some storage facilities offer fabric buildings for residents to store their belongings in.

Tenant Rights

Under Nevada state law, you have a maximum amount of time in which you must keep items left behind by tenants. If every person or company who rents from you leaves behind a few boxes, those items can really stack up over the years. Renting a commercial storage unit is one of the best ways to make room for your new tenants. You can rent a unit with plenty of space for organizing those boxes in case the tenants come back later.

Your Own Things

When looking for commercial storage Las Vegas business owners often want a place to store their own things. If you own a company, you probably have a lot of old paperwork and objects around that you want to keep for future use. When you run out of space in your office or building for those items, you can turn to a storage facility for help. While you can rent a smaller unit that is just large enough for a few boxes, you can also rent a unit with 100,000 square feet of space or more that can store new shipments of products and large boxes of promo items for customers.

Nicely Organized Storage

One benefit of renting a commercial unit is that you can organize all the boxes and other things you need to store. You have the chance to move things in slowly and place all those items in specific places around the facility. Las Vegas storage facilities offer traditional units as well as climate-controlled units that offer protection against high temperatures and humidity.