Who You Need to Inform About Your Upcoming Business Move

When your business is relocating to a new place, it is important to inform all of your connections about the move. Forgetting to inform a supplier or a segment of your customers could quickly lead to chaos and a loss of sales and profits. As you begin the process of office moving in Las Vegas, be sure to inform these three key entities.

Business Partners

As soon as your company knows the date of the move and has a new address, inform your business partners. You should communicate the move to your corporate partners using several different methods of contact. A written letter sent through the snail mail, an email, and a change in your business cards and email signature lines should all be completed so your partners know about the upcoming change of address. When the move is finished, send out “We’ve moved” notices.

Suppliers and Customers

It is also important to let your supply chain know of your upcoming move. If you get any automatic deliveries, let your suppliers know when to start delivering them to your new address. You will also need to inform your customers of the impending move. They may need information about how to get to your new location, where to park and when your doors will be open at the new place.

The Media

Your website, Google Maps, Yelp and all of the other information services online will need to be informed of your company’s new address. Updating your digital address is important because today’s savvy consumers usually turn to the internet when they are looking for products or services. If your address is not up to date in the search engines, customers will be directed to the wrong place or completely unable to find you.