Top Commercial Storage Tips for Small Businesses

Space is crucial for small business owners. Prime real estate, additional shelf space, and storage are all essential to a successful company. If you have excess inventory, equipment, or documents and need a safe place to store it all, check out these top commercial storage tips for small businesses.

Make a List

Think about your reasoning behind investing in external storage. Every business owner has a reason for needing more storage, so determining yours can help you decide what goes into storage. Finding a secure facility is not the only goal. When you need to retrieve something, you’ll want to do so quickly. So, create a list of everything in that storage space. If you’re unsure what to put in storage, ask yourself what you use daily and what you use infrequently or seasonally. We recommend making a digital copy of this list for safekeeping.

Survey Storage Space

You need to find a storage facility close to your office. Traveling too far to retrieve something is inconvenient. Consider several facilities in your area, and read through the reviews from current renters.

Take a tour of your top three facilities. Ask your tour guide to show you the different types of units on the premises. You might need a climate-controlled unit, depending on what you’ll put in storage, so ask about that feature. Finally, take the measurements of the unit to ensure you have enough space for your belongings.

Pack Efficiently

Pack with a purpose. Don’t be haphazard or careless, and don’t rush the packing process. Give yourself plenty of time to place your items in boxes, and label them correctly. Here is a list of packing supplies you’ll need to protect your items:

  • Boxes or bins
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Dividers
  • A marker or label maker

Store files or documents in plastic, see-through bins with lockable lids to keep them organized. Avoid using random-sized containers and boxes because they may be unstable when stacked. Label every box or container, and group similar items together.

Maintain the Space

You shouldn’t neglect your items in storage. Maintain your storage unit just as you take care of your commercial property. The floor plan of your unit should include a clear path for you to walk through. Create a schedule to visit the unit at least once a month for cleaning. Even when you do something out of storage, keep the grouped items together.

At Capitol North American, our Las Vegas commercial storage units come in all sizes, leaving plenty of room to maneuver and clean up when necessary. We help small businesses with our commercial storage tips and services to relocate to a new office or store anything they need for operations. For more information, visit our website.