The Importance of Labeling Boxes When Moving

Whether you’re moving or unpacking the items in storage, being organized makes the process easier. Better organization prevents a stress headache from forming. Packing may feel like a dreadful experience, but believe us when we say that the more detailed you are, the better. Understanding the importance of labeling boxes when moving will ensure you do it right every time.

Found Items

“Where did I put that?” That’s a sentence you never want to say while you’re unpacking your items. And you never want to have to dig through every box in search of one item. Labeling the boxes saves you the trouble of going on a scavenger hunt. Because they’re your boxes and your property, you can get as detailed as you want with your labeling system.

Some people write the room name on the boxes while others write the contents of the box. Writing the contents of the box means all you need to do is read every box from the outside to see if that missing item is inside.

Better Grouping

Load up the moving truck and group the items based on similarity. It may not seem like a big change, but it’s a serious benefit to the moving process that not all homeowners consider. When it comes time to unload the truck, it’s smarter to do it room by room.

Move from one room to the next to avoid confusing yourself or tiring yourself out. Label all the kitchen wear and place it in one corner of the truck, then do the same with bedroom items, bathroom boxes, and so on and so forth. Try and load the truck based on the layout of the home.

Faster Unpacking

Once you unload the truck (or have the movers handle it), unpacking every item will be easier because you know where things need to go. For rooms with multiple appliances and fixtures, you may want to get more specific with your labeling so that the process goes faster.

For example, in the kitchen boxes, designate one box for plates, another for cups, one for utensils, and a separate box for other kitchen items. That way, you can unpack the plates, cups, and everything else in a structured and organized manner.

Improved Protection

Labeling helps with the organization of the moving process, but it also protects the items. While you’re packing everything away, you may forget which items require special handling. Label them to ensure you know which items are fragile.

This label will act as a constant reminder for yourself and the pros you hire to help you. At Capitol North American, we’re local movers in Las Vegas who appreciate a well-labeled box. We always proceed with caution, but the added reminder is certainly a helpful addition.

Labeling your boxes when moving is important, and so is hiring the right professionals to help you. For more information on how to best complete your next move, visit our website.