How to Save Money During a Home Move

Moving house provides you with lots of opportunities to save money. It is a clean slate in terms of bills and utilities, so it can provide you with a chance to shop around and find the best deals – as most providers offer the cheapest deals to new customers. Prepaid electricity is something that you might also want to consider if you are looking to save on your bills, and there is no better time than when you are moving into a new house. Another money-saving idea before you move into your new place is to make sure all the electrics in the property are working properly and to a high standard. Most people make the mistake of moving in and then encountering a mountain of problems that may make their life much more difficult for a long period of time. Trying places that will check all your electrics are working properly and fix any damaged fixtures as needed. In addition to this making sure that plumbing and HVAC systems in your new home are working before you arrive is important so you are not stuck in a house that is not functioning properly and you are not paying more for a call-out-service because it is not working. HVAC services could help to repair or install a brand new HVAC system into your new home. There are also ways you can save money during the moving process, though. From purchasing boxes to a moving truck rental, there are several expenses involved when you’re getting ready to move homes. The moving process is not only stressful but can cost thousands of dollars. If you want to reduce the cost of moving and limit what you spend, there are a few important tips to follow. Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle moving heavy or very valuable items. Instead, think about hiring a Las Vegas moving company to handle those professionally.

Find Free Supplies

According to, you can save hundreds of dollars by obtaining free moving boxes instead of purchasing them. If you’re planning on moving in the future, keep boxes from purchases that you make or items that arrive in the mail. You can also call local grocery stores and ask if they have cardboard boxes for you to pick up each week. Saving old newspapers can also save you money by using it to wrap fragile items instead of buying bubble wrap. This way you can save a little money when having to spend the necessary money on supplies.

Purge Your Home

Purging your home of unused items you don’t need can lower costs as you’ll have fewer items to move. Make it a point to toss or donate anything you haven’t used in the last year. Transporting fewer belongings could allow you to rent a smaller moving truck and less packing materials will be needed. It will also make the process of loading and unloading go a bit quicker. Selling everything at a garage sale or donating it and writing it off as a tax deduction can allow you to have more money to put toward your move.

It’s important to obtain insurance both for items you move yourself and through your movers to ensure the cost of replacing any broken or damaged items doesn’t come out of your pocket. Choose “full replacement value coverage”; it will cover the entire value of the item that is damaged.

Move During Off-Seasons

Moving during peak seasons will end up costing you more due to services being more in demand. Avoid moving between April and September when most people take time off of work to relocate. Moving during the week will also allow you to obtain lower rates on truck rentals or movers.