What to Do When Road Construction Affects a Long-distance Move

Road construction is a fact of life. Although many road construction projects are planned in advance, so that an alternate driving route can be used, many road repairs occur with minimal advance notice. If your long-distance move will be affected by road construction, it is important to have a plan for how it affects your long-distance moving in Las Vegas.

Take Some Essentials With You

If you are driving or flying to your new home, pack a few days of essentials with you. These emergency supplies will get you through a few days in case the road construction causes a significant delay in the delivery of the rest of your belongings. Some essentials to bring include a few changes of clothes, a week’s worth of medication and all of your important documents.

Communicate With the Drivers

Find out how you can stay in touch with the drivers who are transporting your belongings. The moving company may provide you with real-time updates and delivery estimates, or you may have to take action and contact the customer care representatives and check in to see where your belongings are located. This could help you to adjust for the delivery date and time of your belongings.

Get Detailed Construction Information in Advance

Consider being proactive and getting detailed road construction information in advance. You could find out which route the delivery drivers would be likely to take when transporting your belongings and cross-reference it to each state’s department of transportation. The transportation departments may have websites listing the different road construction projects and timelines that could impact your long-distance move. Ask the drivers or their representatives if they look into road construction in advance. Consider working with the long-distance movers to plan an alternative route for the timely delivery of your belongings.