Proper Storage Before Moving Overseas

If you are thinking of spending a year or longer living in a foreign country, then it is important to decide what you will take with you, what to store, what to bless others with and what to throw away. In the days leading up to your leaving, you may need to make some painful decisions.


Think about the climate in the location where you are going. Then, choose a week’s worth of practical clothes for that environment. Selecting clothes that are neutral in color will help you narrow down your choices and allow you to mix-and-match effectively at your new home. Unless you have some sentimental items, like your wedding dress that you want to put in storage, donate the rest or give your clothing to friends. Then, you can look forward to going shopping in your new destination.

Kitchen Items

Kitchen items can be a bit trickier to decide if you should keep, throw or give away. If you have very nice large appliances, it probably is a good idea to store these. You will want to store them in a facility that is climate controlled, has a great fire system and has security in place. Small kitchen items are not usually worth storing long-term unless they have sentimental value to you. Therefore, you may want to consider giving them to a friend or selling them to help pay for your trip.


One of the most important things that you will want to store is your photos. Make copies of your favorite photos allowing you to keep the originals in a secure place when moving overseas because you do not want them to accidentally get harmed or disappear. Keep in mind that changing temperatures, pests and light can all harm photos when choosing where you want to store them.


If you have pieces of furniture that you are going to store, then you need to make sure that you do it in the right way or it will lose its value while you are gone. Make sure that the furniture is clean when you put it in storage, or you may come back to mold, mildew and offensive odors. Disassemble the furniture as much as you can to avoid screws, bolts and other pieces from scratching pieces put near it. Put these pieces in labeled bags. You are ready for an awesome overseas move when you follow these simple tips to decide what you want to put in storage in Las Vegas.