Packing Tips to Consider When Moving to a New Office

Moving to a new office for your business or startup can make for a hectic situation that requires organization and a substantial amount of preparation if you want to avoid any mistakes. While packing an office might appear to be a daunting prospect, doing so is decidedly simple if you know what you're doing. These tips should provide you with the knowledge necessary to properly pack your office in preparation for the move

How to Properly Label Your Belongings

No matter how well you pack your belongings, your efforts will be entirely meaningless if the boxes and unpacked belongings aren't properly labeled. Make sure that you place a label on everything that's being moved to your new office. These labels should be detailed and include information about where the item is being placed. All boxes and pieces of furniture should be labeled as well. If the office that you work in has numerous employees, not labeling something can create disputes over who the item belongs to. You could use colored labels if you want to be certain you are able to identify which items are yours.

Primary Packing Tips to Consider

As for packing tips, you should always place separate labels on larger items like office copiers, printers, and shredders. Smaller items should be carefully placed in boxes alongside newspaper or bubble wrap. Any pens, pencils, paper clips, should be placed in separate bags or envelopes for safe storage.

How to Handle Fragile Items

Among the most important aspects of any office move is to make sure that fragile items are properly handled. Use copious amounts of newspaper and bubble wrap for padding. You should also mark any boxes that these items are placed into as "fragile" on all sides in red ink. The moving company that you choose won't know that a box is fragile unless you mark it as such. Make sure that you hire reputable office movers in Las Vegas if you want to be certain that your belongings will be handled with care.