How to Handle Items That Bring Up Your Strongest Emotions

Many people have one or more items that trigger strong emotions. Those items might be as small as a wedding band or as big as a boat. When you are preparing to move to a new home, you will have to deal with these items. Preparing an action plan for those items will help you feel confident on the day that the movers from one of the top moving companies in Las Vegas arrive to pack and load your belongings on the moving truck.

Let the Movers Do the Packing

An easy way to avoid emotional triggers is to let the movers pack your belongings. You may have feelings that are too fresh right now. The movers will treat all your items with care as they pack and load them for your move. Letting the movers handle these items gives you some reprieve until you feel ready to handle them yourself.

Hold a Goodbye Ceremony

Perhaps you are ready to say goodbye to one or more items that trigger strong feelings. You could take a break from your moving preparations and hold a sort of goodbye ceremony for those items. Take a photo if you want something to look at in the future. Donate, throw away, give away or otherwise destroy the item.

Accept Your Feelings

Another option is to accept your feelings about the item. Perhaps you have your mother's jewelry box or your father's golf hat. You may feel sadness, regret or grief related to the people who owned these items. Accept your feelings, meditate over the item and pack it with your other memorabilia. After sealing the box, think a positive thought such as something that you look forward to doing after moving into your new home.