How to Effectively Move Houseplants

When you move, you want to take all of the things from your former home to make your new residence feel more like a home. This includes moving your houseplants. Here are some tips for how to transport your plants from your old home to your new one.

Leave Them Open If You Can While Moving Your Houseplants

The best thing to do when moving houseplants is to give them room and space to breathe. If your move is a short one, simply place them into boxes but do not close the top of the box so the plant can continue to get some of the light that it needs. Obviously, this is not a viable option if your move is longer distance. If the houseplants are in your workspace and you are relocating, office movers in Las Vegas will be trained in the best way to relocate your houseplants.

Don’t Leave Them Overexposed

While you want houseplants to being able to get some direct light during a love, you still need to be careful to make sure that they are not vulnerable to extreme temperatures. If they feel any deep freeze temperatures even for a brief amount of time, your houseplants can be permanently affected. Therefore, it is not advisable to leave houseplants exposed in your car for an extended period of time.

Secure the Soil

One of the obvious hazards of moving plants is that the soil can spill. Not only will this make a mess, but it will also expose the roots of your plant, leaving them open to damage during the move. One way to keep much of the soil from spilling out of your houseplant is to tape some cardboard over as much of the soil as you can. Try to cut a cardboard piece in the shape of the top so that you can cover the entire base of the plant so you can avoid a mess that could potentially soil the rest of your possessions.