How to Move Without Traumatizing Your Pet

Moving is a difficult transition for everyone involved, but especially for your pets who may not understand what is happening. Here are some tips to ease their transition to their new home and make your move with pets a little easier.

Familiarize Your Pet With the Environs

Unless you are moving far away from your current residence, you should allow your pet some time to explore the new neighborhood before you actually move there. If you are able to let them walk around to find favorite spots, it will help ease their transition. Additionally, if it is possible, let them scope out their new home before you move in so their first few days is not a rough transition.

Practice the Actual Move Your With Pets

Your pet may be required to travel to their new home in a pet carrier. If that is the case, you need to know ahead of time that they will take to the carrier. Otherwise, the move will be traumatic for your pet. Try to practice getting them into the carrier and reward them heavily if they comply with a request to enter the carrier. Crate training is an essential part of the move and it takes some time to normalize this for your pet so make sure to start early so you are not left with an uncooperative pet on the day of the big move.

Prepare the New Home for Your Pet

If you have the time, try to make sure that your new home is safe for your pet. They will likely want to explore their first few days in their new home and you want to make sure that there is nothing that can harm them when they are getting familiar with their new environment. Make sure to have a special area set up for your pet when they arrive in their new residence so that they will feel at home the minute that they walk in the door. Stock this with their bed, toys and all of their pet belongings so they will not miss their old home too much. A Las Vegas moving company will make sure that all of their stuff arrives safely.