Moving When You Have Pets

If you are like most people, you probably get stressed at the thought of your upcoming move. In addition to packing, you have to transfer your cable service, update your mailing address and get used to living in a different community. For your pet, being thrust into an unfamiliar environment can be even more stressful.

Get Them Used to Being Confined

It is important that they are acclimated to their crates or have experience going on car rides prior to your move. This can be done by taking short trips or by putting them in a crate for several minutes per day. To establish a positive association with cars and crates, give them praise, treats and playtime when they do well being confined.

Have a Room Ready for Them When You Arrive

If possible, have a room for your pets ready when you arrive. This will give them a place to rest and relax while they recover from several hours in a vehicle. It can also help them get used to their new surroundings at their own pace. Once your pet seems calm, you can let them explore other rooms in the home.

It is normal for your animal to eat or drink more or less than usual in the hours following the move. However, if your pet doesn’t want to eat or play the following day, don’t hesitate to take your animal to the vet.

Don’t Ignore Your Animals

During this confusing time, your pet is going to look for you for guidance and stability. Therefore, it is important that you provide plenty of comfort and reassurance that everything is going to be alright. Consulting with a Las Vegas moving company may make it possible to learn additional tips or tricks to help your pet get home in a safe and comfortable manner.