Three Specialty Services to Consider for Your Upcoming Commercial Move

When your office is relocating from one building to another, you will need to keep up with your business tasks in addition to handling the added work of the move. Instead of taking on the moving tasks, too, you could ask the professionals at commercial moving in Las Vegas to do some of them for you. Consider asking for one or more of these specialty services offered by commercial movers.

Furniture Reassembly

Your business may have a variety of furnishings. In order to move them, they may need to be disassembled. This takes some time. The movers could do this for you. You may also be able to have the movers reassemble your office furnishings at your new space. They could set up the shelving units, filing cabinets, desks, cubicle walls, conference tables and other pieces of furniture in your office suite.

Electronics Reassembly

If your business has a lot of electronic equipment, the movers could set it up for you at the new location. Be sure to check with the owners of any equipment that you lease. The lease agreement might state that a certified technician do the setup at the new location. If not, the movers may be able to handle setting up equipment such as copy and fax machines at your new space.


Once all of your business’s furniture, equipment and electronics are out of your old space, there may be a lot of dirt, debris and dust left on the floors, walls, and ceilings. The commercial movers may be able to do a post-move cleanup of the space. If your company does not already employ a cleaning service that can do it, consider having the movers take care of this task so that the building is ready for the next tenants.