How to Reuse the Boxes Once Your Move Is Complete

After the movers have unloaded the last box and you are all done with that unpacking, what do you do with the boxes? Almost certainly there was some cost associated with acquiring the boxes. Even if you got them free from a local retailer, it takes time and money to actually pick up those boxes and deliver them to the site you are moving from. Or the boxes could have been acquired from your local moving company for a fee. Reuse, repurpose or recycle the boxes as a good alternative to simply trashing them and it also extends their useful life.

1. Reuse Them

Moving boxes are good for just that, moving and storage. Moving boxes are usually semi-durable, so oftentimes, you can reuse boxes for additional moving or for storage in the new locale. Being semi-durable, you could fold up and compact the boxes, storing them away for some future time and use. This means you would not have to incur the cost of acquiring additional boxes when needed in the future. The boxes themselves can also provide great storage at the new site. Even if temporary, or something longer than temporary, the boxes will hold up for this storage purpose.

2. Repurpose Them

When it comes to repurposing the moving boxes, there is no limit to what those purposes can entail. Your imagination is the only limiting factor. Some reported uses have included insulation or gardening fills, borders and even compost. Depending on the materials that the boxes themselves are made of (i.e., while most boxes are cardboard, some are made of plastic and/or metal), the boxes may find a more permanent use throughout the new location you are moving to. For example, using plastic milk crates for moving can easily help these containers become storage bins within a new apartment.

moving company3. Recycle Them

Recycling the box is maybe the most obvious destination. As a green alternative, recycling is good for de-cluttering and good for the environment. In its simplest form, recycling is simply putting the boxes curbside for your local municipality’s recycling or in an appropriately designated recycling dumpster. However, recycling could also be considered donating the boxes or reselling them for use in additional moves.

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Updated 1/13/21