Surprising Things You Might Find When Preparing for a Move

In your everyday life, you might stash some embarrassing or unusual items in the back of a drawer or cabinet. When you are getting ready to move, you or your movers might discover these items. Knowing what to do with these things ensures that you can have a less stressful day when the Las Vegas moving company arrives with the truck to load your belongings and transport them to your new home.

Borrowed Items

While packing, chances are good that you will come across items that you borrowed from someone else or somewhere else and forgot to return. For example, you might come across a library book that you thought you lost. You may discover a dish or tool that you borrowed from a neighbor. Try to return these before you move. If the rightful owner has also moved, see if you can find a forwarding address. The person may be on social media.

Grief-Related Items

If you ever faced a period of bereavement, it is possible that you will find a collection of related items while packing your belongings. You might find papers from the memorial service or funeral home. You may also find condolence notes or other items. Some people may be ready to let these go if their grief has passed. You can take them with you if you want to hold onto them.

Embarrassing Items

Many people have something that they would rather not have others aware of. These items might include love letters from an ex, photos of a night on the town, a collection of liquor or a collection of items of an adult nature. If you feel self-conscious about these items, you could pack them yourself. Movers have seen it all, so don't feel embarrassed or ashamed.