Reducing Stress When Moving a Loved One Who Has Dementia

For an elderly person with dementia, moving from a lifelong family home to a care facility can be stressful or even traumatic. The loss of the familiar surroundings may cause panic, but there are ways that moving companies in Las Vegas can help ease the transition for your loved one and your family. These tips will help lessen the stress of relocating your loved one to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility.

Choose Comfort Items

Even if your loved one will have their own apartment in an assisted living facility, the space will be much smaller than what they had in their family home. When selecting what to move, have your loved one show you which items mean the most to them. Comfort items such as a favorite chair, blanket or photo album should have the highest priority for the move.

Keep Your Loved One Occupied

On the day of the move, have activities already arranged for your loved one. Let the movers do the work of loading, transporting and unloading your family member’s belongings. While they do their thing, you can have lunch with your family member, go on a walking tour of their new living quarters or take them to the salon or barber shop for styling.

Record the Stories of Items

Your family might be able to take some of the items that are not coming to your loved one’s new living space. When sorting through the things that will not move to the senior care facility, record the stories or memories that your loved one has about those items. This is a part of family history that will be treasured for years to come, even after the items are long gone.