Tricks for Fitting More Stuff in Your Commercial Storage Space

Using a center for commercial storage in Las Vegas could allow you to rent a smaller retail space, store inventory for when it is needed or buy your supplies in bulk and access them as you need them for your production or manufacturing needs. In order to get your money’s worth, it is a good idea to store and pack things carefully. Here are some tricks for fitting more stuff in your commercial storage space.

Use Space-Saving Bags

If you need to store fabric, pillows, clothing or other bulky items, consider investing in space saving bags for your storage needs. These bags allow you to suck the air out of the items. The compressed items take up less space. You can stack a lot of bags in a container or box and put them on pallets. Once the bags are opened, the items decompress within 24 hours.

Remove Excess Packaging

Some items are shipped with an excessive amount of packaging. If you know that you will not need to return those items and will use all of it for your manufacturing or office supply needs, consider removing the excess packaging before you store it. Taking the packaging off allows you to fit more products in the same amount of storage space. Be sure to recycle cardboard and other materials that your waste collection service accepts.

Pack Like a Puzzle

While it might be tempting to pack storage containers neatly with items lined up, doing it this way will take up more space. Consider packing items in containers like pieces fit together in a puzzle. Although it might not look pretty, you will be able to fit more stuff inside of the container. Irregularly shaped items such as pens or clipboards could fit head-to-toe in layers.