Benefits of Having a Moving Sale Before Relocating Your Business

When you are preparing to relocate your business, most companies offering commercial moving in Las Vegas will charge you by the weight of what is being moved. You could reduce the cost of your move and maybe even rake in enough cash to pay for it by having a moving sale a few days before the moving trucks arrive. Consider these top benefits of having a moving sale before relocating your business.

Lower Moving Costs

If you hire full-service movers, having fewer things for them to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack will lower your moving costs. Most businesses operate on a tight profit margin, and lowering your operating expenses is always a good idea. Less to move also means a faster time to open your doors once everything has been delivered at your new location.

Attract More Attention

Your customers need to know about your upcoming move. Having a moving sale is a good way to alert them of your plans. You can market your moving sale through email, social media pages, text messages and snail mail postcards. Your customers could get a good deal at the sale. They will also know where to find you when you reopen your doors.

Sell Odds and Ends

A moving sale is a great time to dust off those boxes of odds and ends and get someone to buy them. If you have fixtures or equipment that you no longer need, stick a price tag on it. Chances are good that someone will come by and be wowed at the great deal. You might have one or two of a few items that you used to regularly stock, and you could add them to the sale.