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Learn about the different methods that you can use to keep track of everything you have packed into boxes and bins and placed into a storage unit for short-term or long-term storage needs.

Three Ways to Track What’s in Your Storage Unit Boxes

When you have packed up a lot of items and put them into storage in Las Vegas, it can be easy to forget what is in each box. Whether you visit your storage unit regularly to access items or you only stop in once every blue moon, having an inventory of your belongings is important. Consider these three simple methods that will teach you how to keep track of the items you have placed in a storage unit. 


If you want a detailed, itemized list of each item in your storage unit inventory, consider a spreadsheet. You can use paid software such as Microsoft Excel or a free program through Google Drive. Using this type of inventorying system allows you to sort by rows or columns. You could establish a column or a sheet for each box. Include the quantity, a description and value of the item. Include serial numbers on valuable items. 

Digital Photos

Use your camera or smartphone to take digital photos of each item in your storage unit. Snap a photo of each box or bin before you seal it closed. For large items, such as furniture or electronics, take photos from multiple angles. Take a photo of the serial number. These photos will be useful in case an item is stolen as you load or unload the storage unit. Make a backup copy of your digital files in case the memory card gets lost. This can be especially helpful if you keep your storage unit organized. 


If you are storing pricey items or business products, consider using RFID tags on them. You can track the items and their whereabouts with these tags. You could also implement other electronic labeling systems, such as QR tags or bar codes that can be scanned with your smartphone. This allows you to easily take items out of your list, such as if you are selling items out of your storage unit. This makes keeping track of the items you’ve sold quick and easy. 

At Capitol North American, our goal is to meet and exceed all your moving and storage needs. We’ll work with you to create a plan for how to keep track of the items you have placed in storage, so you can rest assured that your items are secure. Contact us today to learn more about everything we have to offer!