A storage unit is not a dump site. Yes, it’s where you keep things you don’t necessarily need in your house or your office, but that doesn’t mean it should look like a mess. Eventually, you’ll need to visit the unit in search of something, and you don’t want to spend your whole day looking. Here are five tips for keeping your storage unit organized.

Visit the Unit

Before you start packing things away, it’s a good idea to know what you’re working with. Visit the unit first to get a better visualization of the space available. During this visit, consider doing a quick cleanup.

The previous owner will have removed all their things, but there’s no reason why you can’t give it another wipe-down. Get a broom to sweep and remove any dust, dirt, or debris. Then start to think about where you’ll want specific items to go. That way, when you arrive with your belongings, you’ll have a plan.

Make a List

Now it’s time to make the inventory list. Everything that you know is going in the storage unit should be documented. Never get rid of the list either, because if you start looking for a specific item one day and can’t find it, you can pull up the list to see if it’s in the storage unit.

Categorize the items and group some together. Tax and legal papers should stay together, and clothing should be arranged by season. Pictures and artwork can go in one category too. Large furniture pieces don’t need to be lumped together.

Label Everything

Labels are your friend when it comes to organization. They solve half the problems. Instead of digging through boxes aimlessly, you can read the label and see if what you need is in that box.

Don’t place the label anywhere that’s not visible. Some of the boxes will be heavy, so it’s wise to put the label somewhere you can read it without lifting the box. Label the front, back, and both sides for extra convenience.

Use Clear Bins

Even with labels on everything, you can use clear bins to up the ante. It makes it even easier to see just where your items are. You might see the contents of the box before you see the label.

Aside from being able to see the items through the clear bins, you can see if any damage happens to your belongings. And sometimes, plastic bins offer more protection than cardboard boxes.

Design a Pathway

Finally, you want to leave a pathway in the storage unit. Never overcrowd or stuff the storage unit to the brim. You need to be able to navigate through the unit without any issues.

If you’ve divided your unit into designated areas, keep a clear pathway between those areas. If you work with our Las Vegas commercial storage services, we will help you in any way we can. Here at Capitol North American, we are dedicated to helping our customers.

Keeping your storage unit organized won’t be a problem if you follow these five tips. We can help with storage and relocating whenever you need it. For more information, visit our website.