Learn about some helpful services that will make your upcoming long-distance move from Las Vegas to go as smoothly as possible. Your movers may offer these services to you so that you can reduce your stress level and save you time and money.

Take Advantage of These Three Helpful Long-Distance Moving Services

When you are getting ready for long-distance moving in Las Vegas, you might be unsure of how to handle all of the logistics. The complexities of a long-distance move could cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of worrying about how to do it all, turn to your movers for these three helpful solutions for long-distance moves.

Vehicle Hauling

If the prospect of driving all the way across the country to your new home or apartment daunts you, take advantage of the vehicle hauling services offered by long-distance movers. The crew may be able to haul your car, motorcycle, or other type of vehicle to your new place. Vehicle hauling means that you can fly to your new home. If you fly, it is also easier to transport your pet. It can also be the perfect time to get yourselves in the mood for what Las Vegas has to offer. After all, you are moving to a place that is surrounded by Casino Resorts. You may even win some extra money at the same time.


Handling utility connection and disconnection can be time-consuming and confusing when moving to a long-distance destination. You might not be sure of what needs to be done or how to set up the new services. Your long-distance moving agent may be able to help you with disconnecting the utilities at your old place and setting up the essential services at your new home or apartment.

Unpacking and Household Setup

Once everything is delivered to your new place, you may feel tired. Your schedule may require that you start your new job right away in order to minimize any delay in your paychecks or health insurance. Consider using movers who are able to do all of the unpacking for you. The movers will carefully follow your instructions on where to put things. You may even be able to find movers who will do the rest of the household setup for you, such as putting your home entertainment system together and connecting your wireless internet service.