Tips for Packing Fragile Office Items

Moving from one office to another is always exciting, especially if the new office is bigger and has better amenities. Using a moving company will help ease the stress of moving, but you have to ensure that you properly pack your fragile items so that they survive the trip. These tips will help you ensure that everything arrives safely to the new office.

The Best Packing Materials

You need the right packing materials to ensure the items inside experience very little shock during transport. Your best friend will be bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can absorb a significant amount of force and it fills out the box nicely. Be sure to wrap your items in several layers of bubble wrap.

Other materials you’ll need are packing peanuts or newspaper to fill in the empty spaces, blue packing tape and a marker. Be sure to mark all of the boxes as fragile so that the office movers in Las Vegas know how to handle the box. The packing tape should be used to secure any glass panes or screens.

Distributing Fragile Items

You will typically place several fragile items within one box, which is perfectly fine. You just have to distribute them properly. For monitors and other upright items, place them upright in the box and put them next to each other. Each item must be wrapped individually.

Items that lay down, like plates, should be stacked with newspaper separating each item. This will ensure minimal shock between each layer while allowing the fragile items to lay naturally.

Test the Box

Put all your items in the box, fill in the empty space with packing peanuts or newspaper and close the box, but don’t seal it just yet. Shake the box slightly to see how the items react. Do you hear any movement? If so, then open it back up and add more packing materials to fill the space.

Don’t seal the box until there is absolutely no movement. This will guarantee that your fragile items experience very little shock during transport.