Three Types of Businesses That Need Off-site Commercial Storage Solutions

Many businesses have to keep boxes of records, large inventories of supplies or equipment that is only used once in a while, but owning it is more cost-effective than renting it. When these items would clutter up the workspace, a place for commercial storage in Las Vegas could be a wise solution. These three types of businesses could yield considerable benefits from storing inventory, equipment or furniture off-site.

Realtors and Home Staging Professionals

Real estate agents and home staging professionals often set up a house or property for sale in a way that gives prospective buyers an idea of how the place could look when they live in it. Much as how people may want prefab buildings to store things outside of their home, so too can these people find good use for these. Why? Staging a home could result in a considerable collection of tables, chairs, sofas, lamps, artwork and other accessories. Some staging companies will recommend that you buy a storage shed that enables you to store some of your belongings out of sight, but sometimes you ‘ll have so many that a commercial-sized storage unit could make the home staging and property setup easier and more organized.


Contractors often have a lot of records and paperwork to keep. They might also have tools that only get used once in a while or oddments left from one job that might be useful on another job in the future. In some cases, contractors buy a huge quantity of an item in bulk. A commercial storage unit allows a contractor who goes from one worksite to another to keep all of his or her supplies and records in one place.

Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners that do occasional catering and special events may have more equipment and supplies than are needed at the actual restaurant. Folding tables and chairs, plates, cups, bowls, serving pieces and food warmers are some of the equipment that could be stored in a commercial storage unit. The storage unit could also be useful for specialty equipment such as chocolate fountains and holiday decorations.