How to Protect Your Works of Art During a Move

Many people have works of art, such as prints or original paintings. These items are especially sensitive to heat, humidity, and impacts. When these sorts of items need to be moved, it is important to work with a Las Vegas moving company. The movers will be able to take action to protect these fragile pieces of art.

Inform the Movers

Inform the movers about what type of artwork you will need to have them move. For example, if you have a large, 5-foot by 7-foot painting with an ornate frame, this will require that the movers use different methods and materials than a small piece of art that measures 2 feet or less in square footage. The movers should also be informed of any special features, such as glass or wood on the frame.

Select Proper Packing Materials and Cases

If you are an art collector or belong to a museum or other organization that supports the arts, you may be able to access a specialty case for paintings and prints. These cases offer additional protection for pieces of art. You might also inquire about proper packing materials, such as acid-free paper or inflatable bags of air for cushioning and reducing impacts.

Document the Items

If a piece of art is particularly valuable, have an appraiser check it out and give you a written appraisal and description of the item before you move. You may also want to consider a special insurance policy on artwork that is of a high value. Consider documenting the artwork before and during the packing process. Keep an inventory and ask the movers to show you where on the moving truck your pieces of valuable artwork will be located during the moving process.