Tips for Moving While Going Through a Divorce

When you are going through divorce proceedings, it may not be comfortable or safe for you to be in the same apartment or house with your soon-to-be former spouse. You may feel healthier and safer in your own place or moving in with a friend or relative. Hiring an experienced Las Vegas moving company will help your move be less stressful, and so will these tips.

Make Arrangements to Collect Your Belongings

If you left your residence in a hurry for safety reasons, work through your lawyer in order to make arrangements to collect your belongings. You may wish to ask a police officer or another party to be there with you when you return to the residence to collect your belongings. Having a team of movers there will help the process go more quickly. Even if there is no safety concern, you may still prefer to pack and move your belongings when your former spouse is not at the residence.

Determine Who Gets Shared Items

There may be shared items that you bought together or received as gifts. For example, you may have bought the living room set as a shared item. If you both want it, this may have to be negotiated through your lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer before the movers arrive. It is best to know exactly which items you will be moving before the movers arrive with their truck.

Document the Process

If things are testy between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you may wish to document what you take with you. This could avoid confrontation or future arguments. You may also wish to document the condition in which you leave the premises. Hiring movers is a good way to ensure that no damage occurs.