Everything You Need To Know About Your Moving Day

When you move, you’re starting a new adventure and saying goodbye to an old one. Though exciting, the process can also be stressful and complicated at times. As you inch closer to the big day, read up on everything you need to know about your moving day to help the process go smoothly.

Stock Up on Cheap Moving Supplies

There is no such thing as having too many moving supplies. There is always a miscalculation somewhere on moving day—especially if you didn’t downsize before you started packing.

However, packing supply costs can add up. If you’re trying to save room in your budget, look for alternative ways to collect your supplies. Save your spending for items you can’t get for free—such as tape, labels, and padding. Even with these, you may be able to find them at a local thrift store.

Mainly, you’ll need plenty of boxes. Fortunately, you can usually get these for free from grocery or hardware stores. They receive a weekly supply of items to fill their shelves and keep the boxes in the back. Ask if they have any leftover reusable boxes for your moving day. However, keep in mind that you don’t want any boxes that are too damaged because they will be difficult to transport and will be susceptible to breaking.

Stock up on all moving supplies, saving costs by getting them for cheap or free when possible. Even if you don’t use all the extra supplies, they will come in handy in the future.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is the key to having a stress-free moving day. Without a plan of action, you could leave something behind, not properly prep your new place, or confuse your trusty movers. The list can go on and on.

Stay organized by starting this moving process early. This means collecting all essential documentation ahead of time, such as deeds, insurance papers, and change-of-address resources. Once you have all these essential papers, keep them in one place.

Additionally, make sure you have the keys for the new place attached to your car keys and label them so that you don’t confuse the new set with the old one.

Pack Strategically

It can be easy to pack by throwing everything into a box, saying you’ll organize during the unpacking process. However, this will only create more problems and stress for yourself. This is why it’s important to give yourself time, so you’re not rushing to pack the week or days before the move.

Instead, start the packing process one to two months in advance. Start placing items you don’t need immediately or regularly use inside boxes. This way, you can declutter without needing to live out of boxes.

As you pack, designate boxes for items from each room. For example, don’t mix kitchen appliances with bathroom items in one box. Instead, pack all kitchen supplies together, and label each box as kitchen supplies, so you know what’s inside. If you do this, you can unpack more easily by simply gathering all the like-labeled boxes and unpacking one room at a time.

Clean Your Old Place

Most movers don’t want to clean their old place before they move out, but it’s always good to leave the previous home in a good state for the new owners. In fact, if you’re leaving a rental, leaving it clean might be a requirement for you. And while the new owners will probably clean the home once they move in, it’s still good manners to make the area as presentable as possible.

While you’re packing ahead of time, one of those weeks you can do a deep clean. Then, you can do a small cleaning during the week leading up. It won’t seem like you’re overexerting yourself if you carefully space the tasks out.

On the actual moving day, keep a broom and a few disinfectant wipes close by because you might track dirt inside the house while moving furniture out. Then, before drawing the blinds and closing the doors, do a final sweep and wipe-down. This ensures your place will be ready for the new tenants or owners.

Prepare the New Home

Just as you clean your previous home, you need to clean the new one. This is a task you can do on moving day, but it will add more to your plate. There is unpacking you need to do, which might require most of your attention. Instead, try to get inside your new home a couple of days before the big move and do a clean-up, so things are sterile and presentable before you get settled.

In addition to cleaning, make sure the hardware and important systems of your new home are up and running. For example, ensuring your internet is set up beforehand will save you a lot of time, and it will be easier to do without all your furniture in the way. You should also install your security system ahead of time, whether this be a security camera or additional locks.

Finally, make sure all appliances and services function properly. Ensure you have running water, functioning lights and outlets, and that any appliances such as washers and dryers are working. Again, though you can also do these things once you move in, knowing everything is in working order before moving in provides peace of mind and a streamlined experience.

Coordinate With Movers

The movers are there for one reason: to make things easier for you. You want to find a company with skilled and experienced movers with pricing within your budget. Before the big move-in day, coordinate with your chosen moving company and ensure they have all the necessary details. Confirm they have the correct date and time before the move. Then, call them on the day of the move and provide them with backup contact information in case they have trouble contacting you.

You should also communicate to them how you want to stay organized with your move. For example, you could ask them to leave the boxes labeled “kitchen” in the kitchen. Then, when moving day comes, just stay out of their way so they can get you moved in quickly and seamlessly.

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Now that you have everything you need to know for moving day, you’re ready to start your adventure in your new home. And if you want more information and helpful tips, visit our website!

Everything You Need To Know About Your Moving Day