Differences Between Local and Long-Distance Moving

When you think about a local and a long-distance move, you might only note the difference in distance. One is obviously farther than the other. With that distinction, a mover needs to take several things into account. Let us help you by outlining the differences between local and long-distance moving.

Distance Specifications

The distance specifications matter. Some people assume a long-distance move means moving out of state. However, a long-distance move can occur within one state. Local moving is usually within the same city or a 30-mile radius.

Anything over 30 miles is considered a long-distance move. Some moving companies only recognize long-distance moves as 100 miles or moving out of state. What is considered long-distance is not always clear-cut because it depends on the moving company’s standards.

Difference in Cost

There is a difference in cost between the two types of moves, and there’s a good reason for it. Moving has many factors, but moving long distances requires you to put more items on the checklist.

The mode of transportation plays a factor because of the distance. Traveling with a moving company will include gas in their original pricing, but they also factor in care and maintenance. If you’re moving a lot of delicate items, you need to consider how you travel and protect those pieces.

Supplies You Need

You’ll need many supplies for a long-distance move because the drive is long. You’ll need to stay nourished and hydrated during the drive to get from point A to point B. Plan and pack accordingly to limit the number of times you stop for refreshments.

Consider safety precautions if you’re traveling in colder weather so you don’t get sick or experience an accident on the road.

Help To Employ

Local moves may not require movers—although we do recommend them. A long-distance move surely needs extra hands to chip in. Aside from your friends and family members, turning to professionals for the task is always an option.

At Capitol North American, we have Nevada long-distance movers that are more than prepared for the job. We are trained in long-distance, local, and international moves, so we know everything you need to make it there successfully.

Whether you’re doing a local or long-distance move, the differences are clear. The one thing they have in common is our team at Capitol North American can give you a hand with the job. For more information, visit our website.