5 Common Misconceptions About Self-Storage

Self-storage has more advantages than disadvantages. However, few people know any of them because of all the misinformation circulating. We’re here to set the record straight. Check out these five common misconceptions about self-storage.

No Security

Self-storage does not have enough security. False! There is plenty of security at self-storage facilities, but the trick is finding the right company. Sure, some storage businesses don’t care about your possessions, and it shows. Others take pride in their business.

It’s up to you to do your research. As you start looking for storage, ask the companies about their security procedures and measures. Choose a facility with cameras outside the units, on the property, and an alarm system. If the location has a security team in place, that’s a plus!

Too Expensive

A lot of people assume they can’t afford to place their belongings in self-storage. It might come at a price, but it’s for a good reason. The units store and secure your possessions and keep them in good condition. The money you pay is for the protection of your belongings.

Every unit comes in a different size with a different contract. You will get charged based on the items you store, the size of your unit, and the timeline. Don’t assume it’s one flat rate. You might be surprised by what you can afford.

Specific Timeline

There’s a rumor that you must sign a long-term contract with a self-storage company, and that’s just not true. The timeline is yours to choose. Some contracts run longer than others, and some are shorter.

If you’re approaching the end of your timeline soon, you can choose to renew and ask for additional time. There is also an option to cut the time short. Discuss the terms and conditions with the company you choose before signing anything.

Unclean Units

If the property is unclean, stay far away. As previously mentioned, some companies don’t take pride in their units. You won’t find that here at Capitol North American. We understand the presentation of our units is what sells.

Keeping the units clean ensures the safety of your household storage items. No one wants to collect their items and find dirt, grime, and bugs everywhere. Of course, we encourage owners to visit every once in and while to ensure the cleanliness of their items. We also encourage the use of cover-ups.

Capacity Requirement

You don’t need to fill up your storage unit. In fact, that is something most locations will discourage you from doing. Filling the unit to capacity is a safety hazard. There needs to be room for you to walk through and collect or check on items.

You don’t need many belongings to use a storage unit. Some people only store one or two items, and companies allow them to do so.

We’ve got plenty of common misconceptions to debunk about self-storage and moving companies. For more information, visit our website.