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How to Compare the Cost of Shipping Old Furniture and Buying New

If you’re planning to move, then you already understand how frustrating and expensive it can be. This is especially true for your old furniture, which tends to be bulky and heavy. For example, shipping an item such as a dining room table can cost you $100 or more. So, is it worth the trouble, or would it be less expensive to purchase all new furniture? Read on to learn some important information to keep in mind when moving from one location to another.

Sentimental Value With Old Furniture

Although the shipping cost should always be considered, deciding which furniture is thrown out and which is kept is not always black and white. One of the most common reasons why it’s difficult to throw away a piece of furniture that is expensive to ship is due to sentimental value. If this is the case with some of your items, then it is always recommended to opt-in for the shipping route.

Distance Matters

If you’re conflicted if you should ship or buy new, there is one thing that you should take into consideration. This involves the rate being offered to you by your moving companies Las Vegas staff and the distance of your new location. For example, if you’re moving a long distance, 500 miles or more, then shipping might not be the cheapest option for you. In this case, we would recommend simply purchasing new furniture.

Create an Inventory List

One of the best ways to calculate the price of all your furniture is to simply craft an inventory list. This will allow you to show you the big picture that you can then hand over to a moving company, at which point they may provide you with an estimate. Afterward, you can then narrow down the list to items you really want and which can be replaced at a much lower price.

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