military families moving into new home with Las Vegas house movers

Tips from Military Families to Make Your Move Easy

According to reports, military families will move about two to three times a year. This is often done because the military needs additional personal at a certain base. Understandably, moving this many times can be downright frustrating. Thus, the following includes a list of moving tips to keep in mind.

Throw Away the Unnecessary

The fact is that the more things you are planning to bring along, the more moving trucks you’re going to need. Thus, the best way to streamline the entire process is to get rid of all the items you simply don’t need to bring along. This may include old desks, unused kitchen appliances, or rarely worn clothing, to name a few. If you need to move certain items over but can’t be at the location just yet, you may seek a commercial storage facility’s services to house your items until you get to your new base.

Connect With Your New Base and the Military Families

Military communities are some of the strongest communities within our country. Therefore, it is important to connect with these support groups from your new base to obtain critical information about your move. Doing so may place you in a position where you understand how the new base works and, thus, relives your family from some of the stress that comes from moving.

Make an Inventory List

Moving can be a frustrating experience, especially if you end up losing a valuable item. The fact is that without a record of the item you may have a difficult time convincing your insurance company to pay for it. This is why it is highly recommended to make an inventory list of everything within your home and take a picture of it. Note that you should also make sure to add the value of the item with evidence to prove it.

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Updated 2/18/21