homeowners looking at newly purchased home after using a moving company

Treasures Left Behind: Fun Items Found in Newly Purchased Homes

As strange as it sounds, people will tend to find items left behind by the previous owners when moving when they’re moving in after they’ve purchased a home. Most times it’s nothing too strange; kitchenware, old clothes and maybe some books are what is typically found. However, there have been cases when homeowners find incredible treasures within the walls and ground of their new home. The following include some of the most fun and interesting items found by real people.

Newly Purchased Homes With Large Amounts of Cash

There’s no doubt that homes can be extremely expensive. So, just imagine if you’re stepping into your new home only to find an incredible amount of cash. This was a real story recorded by artist Josh Ferrin. Ferrin stated that he found over $45,000 in cash stashed away in his new home’s attic.

Valuable Figurines

Other typical items left behind by a previous homeowner are toys. However, the last thing you expect to find are toys worth millions of dollars. The figure was found in upstate New York and crafted by world-renowned jeweler Faberge. It is this type of valuable item why it is so important to have a professional commercial moving Las Vegas company come in to do the work. Who knows if you or a friend would have spotted the figure and treated it with such care?

WWII Letters

Speak to any history buff, and they’ll tell you how incredible WWII letters can be. They are truly a gateway to the thoughts of the past. When the Carters chose a 1970s house in Florida to call their forever home, they did not expect to find actual WWII letters. The letters turned out to be the thoughts of two people in love. Fortunately, this love story had a happy ending as the two not only got married, but they also had children who were able to read the letters for themselves.