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Moving Your Present Furnishings Versus Buying New Furniture

It is often said that moving is starting anew. That changing location and occupations is a fresh start that can truly make you feel like a new person. The only thing is that most people actually don’t want to start fresh. For example, some people like the furniture they’ve obtained over the years, but is it worth the hassle? Read on to learn some of the key reasons and advantages of keeping versus buying new furniture.

When New Furniture Doesn’t Make Sense

If you’re planning to move within your city, the need to get rid of your furniture may not be warranted. You may use commercial storage in Las Vegas to store most of your things in order to not be overwhelmed with having to move everything out at once. Now, if you’re looking at a move over 100 miles, then buying new furnishings begins to make sense. The reality is that moving furniture can be expensive, and in fact, your items may be heavily damaged during the move.

The Value of Old Furniture

Some types of furniture can remain valuable over the years if you’ve taken care of it. This is often why so many people refuse to get rid of their old furniture instead of a cheaper moving rate. Now, if you know the worth of your furniture, then you do also have the option of simply selling it and using those funds to not only eliminate moving costs but purchase new furniture once you arrive at your new location.

Sentimental Value

Perhaps the most common reason why so many people choose to keep their furniture is because of sentimental value. If a bedside table has been in your family since before you were even born, it can be difficult to justify getting rid of it. In these instances, you must make it a point to keep them. You may also choose to sell or donate other furniture that may not have meaning to reduce shipping costs while keeping the pieces you do care about.