moving with pets

Tips for Moving With Pets

There’s no doubt about it. Moving is one of the most stressful situations a person can find themselves in. This only becomes more difficult when moving with pets. Since pets don’t understand that you’re simply moving to another place, they may experience episodes of anxiety and overall stress. Therefore, it is incredibly important to adhere to the following steps to ensure that your pet, as well as yourself, have a smooth moving day.

Create an Overnight Personal Pet Kit

The reality is that you’re not going to know where you’re going to be when moving. This is why you should never pack away your pet’s feeding bowl and food with the assumption that you’re already going to be in your new place. Instead, create an overnight pet kit. This should include a few simple items, such as water, food, a bowl, and their favorite toy.

When Moving With Pets, Remove Them From the Action

Lets’ face it, moving companies in Las Vegas will make noise while working. It’s simply inevitable. To ensure that your pet isn’t stressing out too much, it is recommended to remove them from areas where they are going to be seeing strangers and hearing noise. Close off a small room where you don’t have any items anymore, and place them there while the moving company does its job.

Get in Contact With Your Old and New Vet

Your veterinarian doctor is going to have all your pet’s medical documents. Before moving, you should make it a point to request all your pet’s documents to ensure that your new vet has everything they need to tend to your pet. If possible, you can even ask them to transfer the documents directly to your new vet in order to ensure that nothing is left behind.