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How to Safely Move Your Plants During a Relocation

Let’s face it. Moving is probably one of the most stressful things one does in his or her life. There is a slew of things that must be taken into consideration before actually relocating. This is especially true when plants are involved in the moving process. Therefore, the following list includes some helpful information on how to move your plants, so they survive the process.

Prep Your Plants Ahead of Time

Weeks before you actually move, you must make sure to take time to prep your plants. This includes getting rid of any pests and dirt that may have accumulated amongst the leaves. Pruning your plant can also help in removing unneeded volume, thus making it easier to transport.


Pots can be extremely heavy and may even break during the transportation of the pant. Therefore it is highly recommended to instead use durable plastic bags to place the plant in. This will also serve to transport more plants at once, as plastic greatly reduces the space needed.

Keep Temperature in Mind When You Move Your Plants

Even if you’re plants are outdoor, this doesn’t mean they can simply withstand the heat of a moving truck. There are two options you have to safely get them to your new destination. You can use a company that specializes in commercial moving in Las Vegas that offers temperature-controlled vehicles, or you can transport them yourself via your car. If you must stop at a hotel for the night, it is recommended to take your plants inside as the cold of the night can also greatly affect them.

Understand the Laws

If you’re planning to move to another country, you may need to check in with that nation’s officials to determine if you are even allowed to bring them in or if you simply require some sort of signed document. In fact, even if you’re just moving from state to state within the US, certain states also require the documentation of any plants that are brought in.