moving with a pet

How to Make Moving With a Pet Simple

Moving is never a fun experience, considering how much work goes into the process. Not only do you have to do the work of finding a new place, but you have to pack and transport every single thing you own! The other tricky thing about moving is moving with a pet in tow. This can be a stressful endeavor for both you and your pets, but there are ways that you can make your big move as simple and easy as possible.

Plan for Moving With a Pet

The easiest way to move with your pet is to have a solid plan of action before moving. One way to make the process easy is by hiring home or office movers in Las Vegas to take care of all the heavy lifting for you. This way you won’t break your back and can keep a closer eye on how your pet is doing. Movers also make the moving of furniture and belongings into your new place super simple as well.

Long-Distance Move

If you’re moving out of state or way out of town with your pet, then you want to have a good pet travel plan. That means finding pet-friendly hotels on your travel route if you need to stay somewhere overnight. You also want to have one final vet check done so that you know that your pet doesn’t have any health issues that can be exacerbated on a long move. Also, plan out pee breaks when traveling, have a pet-safe carrier, and pack plenty of food, water, and treats.

Home at Last

When you finally complete your move, there will be an adjustment period for your pet. To get them used to their new home, you can try placing snacks and toys throughout the house to encourage them to explore. You can also place their blankets and your personal items around to fill the new home with familiar smells.