moving with kids

Moving With Kids? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

All on its own, moving comes with a lot of stress for adults from finding a new home to packing up an entire household. However, if you have children, then moving presents a whole other set of challenges that begin well before the actual moving day. To help guide you through the process of moving with kids, here are some helpful moving tips on how to make this a smooth process that doesn’t involve any tantrums or tears.

When Moving With Kids, Tell Them Early

Sometimes, it might seem best to not tell your kids that you are moving until you already have a new home picked out and are putting together boxes. After all, why stress out your kids when there’s nothing they can do about moving in the first place? However, it’s better that you explain the moving process, especially if your kids haven’t moved before, as soon as possible. That way, you can get your kids used to the idea of living elsewhere and can work out their anxiety or fears about moving long before it actually happens. You can also help them get excited about moving as well. It’s important that you also talk about other changes, too, such as switching schools.

Moving Day

You should also make a solid plan for your actual date of moving. If you aren’t moving far, then you might want to arrange childcare for the day of so that you won’t have to focus on watching over your children or worry about them getting in the way. It’s also a good idea to hire professional movers, such as a Las Vegas moving company, so that you can focus on the little details of moving and setting up your new home. If you’re moving to a new state or far away from your old home, then you are going to want to prepare for your road trip. Think about having games, snacks, and favorite toys at the ready.

Getting Settled

Last, once you arrive at your new home, you want to have some of your kids’ favorite items right on hand. You can pack a box beforehand that can be opened once you arrive so that way, your kids have familiar objects nearby that help them feel secure in their new home.