If you decide to rent a moving van, there are several types of moving insurance available to you. It may be a good idea to take advantage of this coverage.

Why Take out Moving Van Insurance

Renting a moving van is a great way to handle both local and long distance moving Las Vegas. There are moving vans in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. However, before you rent one, you should be aware that your car insurance won’t necessarily cover you if you get into an accident in a moving van. In particular, the contents of the van aren’t likely to be insured. Below is a breakdown of different types of moving van insurance and what they cover.

Personal accident and cargo protection

With personal accident and cargo protection insurance, anything that is in a moving van is insured. Getting tool insurance cover can be a great way to get some extra peace of mind for your property. Additionally, if you are injured, your medical bills will also be paid. It’s important to note that this type of coverage usually only insures cargo that is damaged in a particular way, such as due to a collision. It usually doesn’t cover theft or burglary.

Damage Waivers

The benefit of damage waivers is that you won’t be held liable if something happens to a moving van while it’s in your possession. Technically, waivers aren’t insurance because they simply keep you from being liable if anything happens to a moving van while you have it, but still, keep an eye out for this when you get a courier insurance policy during this process.

Supplemental Liability Insurance

Most car insurance plans are required to have liability insurance. This type of insurance pays for medical bills and vehicle repairs that result from you damaging another person or their property. For instance, if you cause an accident, liability insurance will pay for other people’s expenses. Supplemental liability insurance for a moving van gives you additional coverage that may be necessary since moving vans could do a lot more damage than a car.

Auto Tow Protection

If a moving van needs to be towed and it is damaged during the tow, you could be held liable for the damage. While this series of events may be unlikely, auto tow protection would cover you. If you do opt for this protection, you should be aware that you may be required to pay a deductible, so be sure to read the details of a plan to avoid surprises.

“Auto accidents caused by a rented vehicle are treated differently by insurance companies. Moreover, without the right insurance even accident attorneys cannot help the aggrieved parties recover losses, which can result in liability not just towards the rental company but also for any damage caused to another person or property”. Renting a moving van is an excellent idea, but don’t forget to purchase moving van insurance.