When you need to put hobby and craft supplies in storage, proper care and packing of the materials will help to ensure that the items will remain in good condition when you are ready to retrieve and use them again. As a result, you may be one of those people who prefer to store them in the best place that you can find, regardless of how far away it is. Or you may be someone who prefers to look into “rent to own sheds” to keep them a bit closer to home, so when you do need them, you have access to them at the drop of a hat. It all depends on what you prefer, and it is important that you take great care in thinking about this, as it is the protection and safety of your supplies that could be at risk after all.

Three Easy Tips for Protecting Craft Supplies for Storage Units

Many people have a hobby or do craft activities that involves supplies such as papers, fibers, paints, adhesives, and other products. Not to mention, there are dozens of tools, like paintbrushes and sculpting tools as well as other tools that need to be protected. These materials and equipment need to be carefully prepared and packed when you are planning to put them storage in Las Vegas. These tips will help you to preserve your valuable supplies.

Choosing a Climate-controlled Unit

A climate-controlled storage unit helps to protect hobby items such as adhesives while they are in storage. Extreme temperatures can also be damaging to natural fibers, such as yarn made of wool, alpaca, yak or musk ox. If you plan to store fabrics for sewing and quilting, a climate-controlled unit is key to preserving the strength and flexibility of the fibers.

Keeping Moisture Out

Moisture is just as damaging to stored materials as extreme temperatures are. Even a small amount of moisture can warp hobby supplies or cause mold to grow on organic materials. Before taking your art, craft and hobby supplies to a storage unit, it is important to ensure that there is no moisture present in the materials. You can do this by putting silica packets into containers and then tightly sealing the containers. Space-saver bags and heat-sealing bags are also helpful for keeping moisture out.

Preventing Pest Intrusions

If your stored items have moth eggs or carpet beetle larvae in them, you could find an unpleasant surprise when you take them out of storage. Prevent pests from getting into your hobby and craft supplies by taking these steps during the packing process. If possible, wash and thoroughly dry fabric before storing it. For thread and yarn, put the materials in a freezer for two days, followed by heat for two days and freezer again for two days. Then pack the items. Pack them within heat-sealing bags space-saver bags that seal out the air.