What to Expect on Moving Day

Moving homes will require you to pack up everything you own and transport it to your new property. Unfortunately, it can be easy to lose certain items or become disorganized due to a lack of structure. If you want to stay organized and avoid stress during your move, there are a few tips to follow.

Meet the Team

Your office movers in Las Vegas will provide you with a time that they will arrive at your house weeks in advance to ensure that you’re prepared for their arrival. The driver is the individual who will manage the move and is your best point of contact if you have any questions or concerns. They’ll arrive with the moving truck and all of the moving supplies and equipment needed to complete the job.

Take Inventory

Once the movers arrive, they’ll begin to take inventory of the office furniture and products and take note of the condition that they are in before being transported. Each furniture item will be given a number based on its condition. All the items will be grouped together for packing with specialty cartons for various items. The movers will determine the best order to move all the boxes into the moving truck. Each box will be pad-wrapped before it’s loaded into the van.

Receive the Bill of Lading

Once all the items have been loaded and packed into the moving van, you’ll receive a bill of laden from the professional movers. The document will include all the details of the estimate of the move and the expected delivery date, which will need to be signed. You’ll be asked to sign the inventory sheets once everything arrives at the new location. If you’ve requested unpacking services, the driver will perform the work the day of or after the move is completed. If you decide to unpack everything on your own, you can schedule a debris pickup to remove all the boxes and packing material from the office.